The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

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Re: The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

Good advice this one:

easyeddy wrote:

(1) coming from a DSLR there are usability differences that many people find more significant than they might have expected - in particular the X-E1 is EVF not OVF while the X-Pro1 OVF is not through-the-lens like a DSLR, plus any DSLR's autofocus performance will beat any compact camera. But the X series cameras and lenses are compact compared to DSLR's and in most conditions (particularly excluding sports) will produce images at least as good as most DSLR's

and this one:

BillyInya wrote:

If you haven't already done so why not pop in to your nearest camera store and have a feel of the X-E1 and the Sony. Always nice to handle things in real life.

It is a big jump from DSLR to mirrorless in one hit. Doesn't matter what brand you will find it foreign and difficult to get comfortable with if wanting to trust it seriously. This is the prob with compact mirrorless, learning to trust small light weight cameras with EVF's for serious shoots.

My advice is rent them if you can. I rented an x-Pro1 for a week and only in the last day started to gel with it. It is a different ball game but let me tell ya the image quality is remarkable, better than I was expecting. I now have the X-e1 18-55 kit plus 35 on their way to me with the 14 on pre order but I have no intention of selling my 7D.

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