Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

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Re: Maybe it is the hyperfocal thing.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

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Yes, there is, it's daft when you see people prattling on about "when is Oly going to release a 25mm F1.8?" as if the PL 25mm didn't exist (and if you post on those threads no one replies to you...). I take it as a lack of familiarity with M43s. People will learn...

Depending on your budget, the Panasonic 25mm F1.4 is pretty expensive. Many hope that an Olympus 25mm F1.8 would be smaller, lighter and cost less. It could also get the same zone focusing ability as the 12 and 17mm. I'm sure some would like to see an Olympus 25mm cousin to the affordable 45mm F1.8 rather than to the 12 and 17mm at that.

I own a Panasonic 25mm (and several other Panasonic lenses) and love the results I'm getting on the E-M5, but well the Panasonic look is quite uggly, especially when you are using the big rectangular and cumbersome hood. Nevertheless, the only Panasonic lens I regreat to have bought is the 100-300mm : it isn't able to focus to infinite when set at the long end, starting from around 250mm, but Panasonic's support says it is "inside specifications".

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Maybe Panasonic Lumix have calculated the limit of the focus distance at the long end to be the correct hyperfocal value (one of them). This way if also focus the infinite.

If you are speaking of the 100-300mm problems i have : My lens copy is clearly flawed, there is noway to get a sharp picture at focal lengths longer than 250mm when the subject is a little further aka ust about hundred meters away, not like where the sea touches the sky at the horizon level. Using the hyperfocal doesn't make any difference. Indeed, the problem is that I can't reach focus even at the hyperfocal distance.

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