Everyone has a camera, but WHERE will these images be in 5 years time?

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Re: Everyone has a camera, but WHERE will these images be in 5 years time?

Speaking personally, I've been married for for 38 years. We have 35 photo albums of our personal snaps. All the film stuff is catalogued in a database (backed up in hard & soft copies) so we can look up a photo by date or subject which are cross referenced to the negatives which are stored in albums of A4 film (negative) sleeves. 35mm trannies are stored in a dozen or so slide carousels (also catalogued in the database). All our personal favourites from the digital era are printed 6x4" and added to the database and albums. For all our travel photos, I have published them into 14 hard covered A4 or A3 coffee table photobooks - one for each trip ever since the D80 was released which was when we went digital. The book publisher (local) keeps the compiled books in their database (each with a bar code) so that duplicates can be ordered. All my digital stuff is stored on 1TB hard drives with a minimum of dupicate backup hard drives (and some triplicate backups). I don't bother with DVDs backup except for paid work. Oh - and I have countless boxes of proof sheets with negative holders attached of paid film images - (the ones that the clients didn't buy). My 'masterpieces' (film and digital) are all printed (A3 and larger) and framed and line the walls of our home and studio.

God only knows where they will be when we're gone - and I don't think we'll be too worried.

Oh and I forgot - I've also done duplicates and prints of both mine and my wife's family snaps which we have picked up from 3 generations with the key ones in albums for each family tree.

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