How remove front ring X100?

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Re: How remove front ring X100?

Stephenbw wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

bugeyed wrote:

Once removed, it will come off easily next time. In fact, it will actually be too loose & likely to fall off unexpectedly. YMMV If I was to use it, I would put a bit of medium lock-tite on the threads.


Yes. Mine is constantly loose. It is NEVER tight, no matter how much force I put into it. An absolutely stupid design by Fujifilm. Appalling lack of foresight.

I don't have a problem with mine at all. In fact I still need to use the lens cap every time I remove front ring.

Mine falls off all the time if I am not careful and tighten it every now and then.  I am really amazed that I have not lost it yet.  Came close as it fell off while I was in a cab once.

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