Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

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Re: Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

rrr_hhh wrote:

I think that there is two categories of Olympus lovers :

Those who have used OM film cameras : they admires Maitani (their designer) and indeed, they had many qualities; they were really thought for photographers, were allowing you a unique way to meter light second the zone system; they were the smallest lightest SLR available and introduced many innovations. So there are nostalgics of the film time showing up in this forum quite often, because the Olympus OM "were designed by photographers for photographers". Olympus was also the designer of a mythic compact film camera : the XA which wasn't bigger than a pack of cigarettes. So there was clearly a lot of know how in matters of designing nice cameras, during film times, which gained Olympus a good reputation, not only for the Pens. And we older photographers remember it.

Heavens, I loved those OM1s. I had a pair - one for b&w film, one for color. And lenses, f3.5 21mm, f2 28mm, f2 85mm, f4 200mm. So sharp you could cut yourself looking at them. Sold lots and lots of pix out of those two cameras.

I forgot a third category : those who are enjoying the famous Olympus colors and the Olympus know how when it comes to jpeg engines and out of camera jpegs. Nice reds and warm tones and great blues skies : colors that pop, with some more saturation than in reality by default and good skin tones. Not sure whether this is a myth or not. Seems to be inherited since the beginning of digital (even present in compacts).

Ah, the Olympus colors. They are part of the reason I switched from Panny to Oly. Yes, they are very good, and no, they are not Olympus -- they are Oly copying what Kodak gave them when it supplied them with their first 43 sensors. Oly color is darned good but Kodak color has an edge. Get hold of a Kodak P880 and see.

Sadly, though, Kodak dropped the ball through totally gross mismanagement and is effectively dead.


And yes, Tom, you are dead right. As for the EM5 recalling the good old days -- no way. Take a look at a pic of the EM5 and a pic of an OM cam. The EM5 looks like a youngish schoolboy attempt to copy the look.

The OM1 et al were functional and beautiful -- the Panny G series is much more functional than the EM5 -- and the ergonomics are wonderful.

Cheers, geoff

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