Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

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Re: Respect more than religion...

amalric wrote:

I have towards a company which is about one century old, and has developed its own traditions in respect to photography and lenses.

There is no *camera fetish* like Leica in Oly's followers, some at 1022 worship lenses. And indeed the Tetsuno factory is respected like Wezlar, or Jena used to be.

Olympus however is much the innovator, so some of the followers drop out because they cannot adapt to disruptive change. Zealots are extremely conservative so you can see Oly often attacked as much as it is loved.

There is perhaps a subtle feeling that goes from the colour signature of the lenses, their microcontrast, and extends to the organisation of menus according to photographic principles, mostly, and not to consumers' whims.

In other words Oly's is sometimes pedagogic, often indipendently minded. They also have some of the best engineers ever. Everytime I look at the IBIS mechanism, I a mere layman, I am overawed. The sensor is magnetically levitating!

You can find that in a 500 $ camera, so you can't say that Oly is undemocratic like Leica. OTH they too offer 3000 $ lens, so you must believe that they are among the best.

Because cameras must be sold there is a constant influx of newcomers that ignore these aspects, and ignorance is conducive to jealousy and hate. In its bumpy ride to mirrorless Oly also made some big mistakes, and people preyed on that.

The success of the E-M5 seems to show that despite the financial stress, the design teams kept doing outstanding work for a moderate price all considered. Therefore the rare execs' statements are taken with respect. They are often valuable for the camera industry as a whole and for photography. The Japanese have also a visual culture 1000 yrs. old and they clearly respect that tradition too.

One of their concepts, Wabi Sabi, transient beauty, could be applied to camera manufacturing too: cameras come and go, but a feeling of transient beauty remains.

Some of this of course applies to other camera makers, and their precision work. So there is no reason to have an object of worship only. It's more a matter of taste and of memory: some film cameras are remembered for a long time after they ceased to be.

Their lenses however can still be used, so you can verify whether that respect was ill placed or not.


I find this very wise and I agree.

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