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Guy Parsons wrote:

I Googled about just now and never found any definitive explanation of what happens in scene modes.

One Oly page had this......

The shutter speed is set to a slow value and the focusing point is set to (infinity). And don't forget that a tripod is essential for shooting at slow shutter speeds.
Each of the camera's settings is important when shooting firework displays. You need to set a slow shutter speed and also set the focus to infinity in order to match the fireworks up in the sky. You can take care of both settings at once, simply by setting [SCENE] to [FIREWORKS]. Try correctly timing your pressing of the shutter button to the moment when the fireworks explode open."

That to me is ambiguous, first it seems to be auto set to infinity, then goes on the say to set it to infinity. I guess they try to rely on the fact that the user has set the Menu item to make sure the lens resets to infinity at turn off - so then choosing Fireworks scene and going to MF it will already be at infinity - but never assume that. A careful focus check before the first Fireworks shot is definitely in order.

Maybe practice on some moving traffic at night to see if you can easily get the focus right in Fireworks mode. Most sites seem to say that a 4 second or thereabouts exposure works for fireworks.

Maybe just use manual mode and forget the scene mode, and then use Manual Focus and do what you want to do and not let the scene mode over-ride things.

Be aware that with Noise Reduction at Auto the 4 second or longer exposure will trigger dark frame subtraction thus doubling the overall time it takes for the longer exposures.

Good luck on the 26th!

Regards........ Guy

It really looks like it's supposed to focus to infinity (see above bold) but didn't appear to for me and it would seem your experience was similar. Shame really because I have fond the E Portrait scene mode to be really good ... a bit overcooked but none the less pretty consistent. Will definitely try harder on Australia day.

Cheers mate

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