wildlife flash-fast reset (unique question)

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Re: wildlife flash-fast reset (unique question)

YB RF603c wireless tranceivers - use standard AAA batteries and are inexpensive, and have the logic to wake up flashes with a sleep mode

Most any flash with MANUAL power settings.  Use external battery pack in stead of the AA's.  I like the R/C hobby 7.2v battery packs.  Position your flashes, and set to 1/8th or lower power so they can keep up with the camera's burst rate of ?3fps?   My 40d has a much faster frame burst rate.

Position camera and use test shots to adjust fStop and ISO to get acceptable exposure in the "flash zone".  If shutter is fast, the ambient (day or night) will be negligable, and only the flash will illuminate the subject in the flash zone.

Question - what are you using to sense the subjects and trigger the camera?

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