What Is It With Fuji X and AF Performance?

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The Preamble:

Yes, I know that CDAF is never going to be PDAF.

Yes, I know there are various workarounds that will coax better moderate-low light AF performance from the Fuji X cams.

Yes, I know that the more these workarounds are used, the more natural they become, to the point of not seeming like workarounds.

Yes, I know someone will respond to this thread by saying that they only shoot black cats at night in dense fog and never have a problem with Fuji AF.

Okay, that said, why is it that Fuji continues to lag far behind the class leaders in CDAF performance? How is it that Fuji can write software code that borders on magic in terms of IQ, but can't seem to do it for what would seem like the easier task of improving their CDAF? Why is it that two years after the release of the X100, and several cameras later, the #1 complaint about Fuji X cams remains AF performance in moderate-low light?

It is Fuji's first ever interchangeable lens AF camera. It is WAY ahead of any of the first generation MFT cameras and NEX's, and really no worse than some current model/lens combos.

It is a lot better than an EOS M. Or a Sigma DP2, RX1 or G1X.

It's not as good as an EM5. However most MFT lenses are slower and the sensor is smaller, so it has more DOF hence does not need to be as accurate. The lenses are quite a bit smaller as well.

I also have a few screw drive lenses on my D700 which don't focus any faster (old Sigma 105 macro for instance, or the 85 F1.4 (in fact AF-D version is faster than AF-S).

Moreover focus accuracy on the X series is much better than any SLR, in all types of light. Change the light sources (or even just the aperture with fast primes) and PDAF systems will back or front focus like a goon-un.

Totally, and completely disagree. I just finished a shoot with my X100 and S5 Pro and the difference in keeper rate was horrific (indoor market, not well lit). 50% or less for the X100 vs 80% or more for the SLR. No way, no how is focus accuracy better for the X100. The green box was lit for every shot on the X100 and it simply failed to catch the action. Maybe for 100% static shots this might be true, but for anything that moves, and in most real life situations, the Fuji's autofocus is not anywhere near being better than an SLR in any category at all.

I have an X100 as well, but the X100 is NOT an interchangeable lens system and the S5 is a Nikon body with Nikon AF and Nikon lenses. Fuji only supplied the sensor and processing components. So this IS Fuji's first AF interchangeable lens camera.

So I don't accept it's bad, and it's far from unusable. And all things considered it's actually pretty good for a first attempt, and the PDAF system coming in future cameras will make it better still.

But like I said, it's actually NOT that uncompetitive overall.

Yeah, if you dont keep score.

The OP was comparing with other CDAF systems, not an SLR. I stand by what I said regarding other CSCs.

I also own a D600 specifically for moving subject photography and high-volume shoots in poor light. No CSC does a great job with moving subjects compared to an SLR.

But for static subjects the Xpro1 and Xe1 (and X100) are more accurate than any SLR over a wider range of lighting spectra, even if they take longer to lock. For comparisons I have used a D90, D7000, D700 and D600 all of which are better than the S5 but still not as accurate as the Xpro1.

Why don't you just buy a D600? It does everything you want and is accurate enough for anything except DOF critical applications.

A D600 does not "do" Fuji colors and PP'ing that into images is not an option.

Well then you are going to spend the rest of your life complaining about things because I assure you nothing is perfect.

D600 colour is pretty good, and a Lightroom profile doesn't take long to create (only have to do it once - or buy some plug-ins). Camera also has as much DR as the S5, far more resolution and far less noise.

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