Wide Angle Options (Panny vs Olympus) for OMD

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Re: Wide Angle Options (Panny vs Olympus) for OMD

JamieTux wrote:

Hello everyone - I know that variations of this question have been asked lots of times before but it seems that people flip flop depending on what they used last (and seem to suffer a bit from grass is always greener syndrome!)

I want to get a wide angle from my OMD - I am happy with either focal length (7-14mm or 9-18mm) and have used them enough on SLRs to be sure of that - or if there are any alternatives that I've missed let me know too - I don't really want to go down converter routes though so I'm looking for native lenses.

The thing is that I like to buy the right things first - if I get the 9-18mm will I always be looking enviously at the image quality of the 7-14mm or are they close enough not to worry?
I know that there is a significant cost difference and that the 7-14mm is much bigger when not being used - but both options are a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper than equivalents in the SLR world that I've been happy with so I really am just asking about IQ.
Thanks in advance for your help everyone!

I own the 7-14 and I am very happy with it.  I tryed also the 9-18 which is a pretty good lens.

The 7-14 is a little better (more crisp) and isn't so big.

Also 2 mm less (7 instead of 9) in the wide end  is a pretty big difference...

The only drawback is that you have not to allow bright lights (sun)  to touch the frontal lens If you want to avoid reflections.

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