Nikon FF Mirrorless for 2013 ? I think so :)

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Re: Nikon FF Mirrorless for 2013 ? I think so :)

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Curious, who thinks Nikon will have a FF Mirror-less for 2013 ? I think so.

Well, at least I hope so.

Nikon 1 sales strength is a surprise to me, so hopefully this will help Nikon to push onto a PRO FF Mirror-less.

My hopeful features:

1) FF 24mp

2) 6fps at least , In Body VR that would be a surprise!

3) in body EVF past 100% , 120% so you can see outside the frame. A good Zoom in 100% manual focus.

4) Sealed , build like the D800, two SD is ok to keep size down. USB3 (match up with D800)

5) Fast AF , and CAF ... with EVF hopefully fast face recognition and exposure priority for group shots. needs to be next gen from V1 or even the next upgrade V1 model.

6) * CLS trigger , on board Flash ... hopefully RADIO. body alone MUST trigger CLS flashes.

7) WiFi built in (P&S have it) ... easy way to FB , Twitter, web site upload Flicker, Smugmug,

8) because I am thinking this body would be great for a Second body Wide lens. Right out with the first shipment , Ship a "made for Mirror-less" 20mm f2.8 , or 30mm f1.4 that shows how small a Mirror-less fast wide lens can be on FF.

Somebody at Nikon "must" have noticed what camera was voted "Camera of the Year" on DPR?

Guess you missed something. Nikon is a TRADITIONAL camera manufacture with a strong bias towards traditional DSLR systems. The 1 system has a deliberately chosen small sensor simply to not cannibalize their APS-C DSLRs.

This is also the Achilles heel of Nikon. If the market shifts to fast towards mirrorless systems Nikon will be doomed like Nokia. Nokia simply missed the rise of smartphones with an affiliated app ecosystem.

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