You wanted to see a quick Olympus E-5 vs Nikon D800 comparison? Here it is.

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unassailable DOF ?

dholl wrote:

As you noted, the unassailable advantage of full-frame DSLR's over the Olys is the thin DoF, and also the high-ISO capability. I could take handheld snapshots at night with a 1.4/50 lens at ISO-25600 and not worry about overly-destructive noise issues. Of course, noise was present, and removing it softened images, but only in the same way I remember ISO-1000/1250 was when using a Fourthirds camera. The 5DII's ISO-6400 was something like ISO-400 on my E-410.

That, the thin depth-of-field, and the fact that legacy glass has its original focal length back, are all hugely significant advantages for me (tho' not relevant for everyone). For those reasons not even the E-5 stands a chance when pitted up against a full-frame DSLR.

unassailable DOF  ?? I'm still not understanding this one

Eg if I was taking a portrait with a 50mm lens on FF camera from 1 metre range. . .
To get the same framing using 4/3 I'd need a 25mm lens, but oh there goes my narrow DOF, darn that 4/3 sensor.

But silly me all I need to do is step back to 2 metres from my subject and use a 50mm lens on my 4/3 camera. The DOF using 50mm f/2 is the same for 4/3 and FF and APS. The only adjustment I need to make is subject distance, and the only difference will be perspective (which is often improved for portraits) and maybe I'll need to adjust the lighting.

or am I still missing something here ??


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