what is cheapest way to get ACR?

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Re: what is cheapest way to get ACR?

Dan Marchant wrote:

Lightroom includes the full ACR function, but does impose a particular working method that may or may not suit you.

PS Elements includes a simplified version of ACR.

Is there any sort of work-around that would allow access to ACR without the referenced imposition?

I'm really not sure what imposition Richard is referring to.

Perhaps it might have been clearer to say that LR involves a particular working method which is quite different from the classic file-based conversion approach within which ACR usually sits.

Often people try LR, perhaps like it, but then say "if only I did not need to manage my images inside a database - if only I could just go and do things to the physical files on disk without needing to IMPORT them first."

In other words, some people buy the trumpet, like the noise it makes, but don't really like that you have to blow through it to make this noise. They'd rather use a violin bow, in the way they usually do when they play their violin.

Other people buy the trumpet precisely in order to blow through it.

I find Lightroom's approach (importing, Catalog, the whole package) excellent, and would hate to return to a file-based method... where you could not do anything much with a Raw file, unless you had first converted it, and opened that into a separate standard image editor, and had to constantly micro-manage folders and copy filenames and such.

I take issue with those who conclude LR is only for high volume professional photographers; by contrast, it is the presence of LR in the mix which removes the need to own the latest and greatest Photoshop, and IMO Lightroom + Elements is a great value proposition for the hobbyist; state of the art, on the cheap.

But LR (for good or ill) does impose this Catalog method, and it makes no sense really (or at least, is very awkward) to entirely disregard that in practice - if it truly does not suit you. In such a case, one is IMO better off to shell out for full Photoshop and Bridge, or else to widen the frame beyond Adobe products only.

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