Thirteen K-01 Kuestions (long!)

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Thirteen K-01 Kuestions (long!)

I've ordered the K-01 with 40mm.
Me: I'm currently a canon user (S100, S50, SD780, 300HS, S95,S100, Rebel Xt, Rebel T2i), my last pentax was the *istDL.  
I'd appreciate it of any K-01 owners could help answer some questions: 
1. Most reviews were done prior to the firmware upgrade that in theory improves AF. Does the firmware update significantly improve AF and if so are there any post firmware review updates?

2. Shot to shot speed for RAW is rated in the dcresource/dpreview jeff keller review as one frame per second. Ouch, I think my Canon T2i is 4 or 5. Is there any way to improve that speed (without resorting to jpeg) for shooting pictures of my kids soccer this spring?

3. If things are too fast for my T2i I resort to movie mode and grab stills later. But the K-01 has no AF in movie mode? Will it AF before taking the movie and hopefully it's better than the miserable "live view" focusing on my T2i?

4. I've got an ancient *istDL that came with the standard 18-55 (I think) kit lens. Is the modern version of this lens any better or should I just stick with the kit lens for wide angle shots?

5.  I have an ancient (1980's) SMC A 50mm F1.7.  I loved the iQ on the *istDL and using the lens was the only reason I got the *istDL (well also, it was dirt cheap).  However MF was a bear on the *istDL, very frustrating with no "live view". Will the K-01 be much better for MF, (to the point that it's actually useable) or should I look into a modern AF alternative.

6. IS.  Jeff Keller's review states the in-body IS gives you 4 stops on stationary subjects and I've seen the same claim for the Olympus OM-Ds super duper 5 axis IS system. Do folks really get 4 stops improvement with the IS on the K-01 and how does it compare to the OM-D?

7. I've got a now ancient canon 550D/T2i. While I'm loath downgrading to 16mp (just kidding.... a bit) it looks like the K-01's sensor may be a bit better in low light/high ISO? Studio shots and real life are two different things, do folks find the K-01's sensor noticeably better than older sensors such as canon's?

8. Assuming I fall in love with the K-01 and the AF isn't total fail for my (young) kids soccer (on the smaller not full size field) what would be a good zoom? I'm using a $150 55-250 canon lens right now with my T2i. I'm not against spending a few $$ more but I'm not crazy about $1000 lenses (I drop things.... a lot!).  My current pentax lens line up will be the MF 50mm F1.7, the *istDL 18-55 kit lens and the 40mm.

9. How's the kit 40mm compare to my canon 40mm? The pentax  looks a bit smaller. I hate the MF ring on my Canon 40mm but that may just be a pancake side effect, is the pentax just as bad? Also I'm really ticked at canon for requiring a firmware update to fix a well documented bug in the 40mm. The firmware fixes the issue but there is no way for a T2i user to load the lens firmware. That has nothing to do with the K-01 but I'm really ticked off at canon for such shinangens.

**** 10. Case suggestions for the K-01 and just the 40mm? No extra battery, smallest case possible? Right now with my T2i and the 40mm I'm using a P&S super zoom case, the Lowepro APEX 100 AW ( ).  The case "just" fits the T2i so it should be great with the K-01 but.... can I get anything smaller? I'd prefer a snap, or magnetic clasp instead of the zippers (they slow me down too much)

11. Is there any way to deyellowize the yellow version? Normally I can switch lenses/bodies and fly under the wife radar. But that yellow, I think even my non-techy wife will notice that? The "under the wife radar" is not a financial thing it's a roll the eyes and that "you brought another camera" look avoidance.

12. Kudos to Pentax for including an AF assist lamp in the camera to help with lowlight focusing. This is something I've missed on my Canon DSLRs (canon uses the built in flash for AF assist and it is a VERY annoying strobe).  However I'm a bit disappointed that the light is white/green instead of the pleasing red/orange glow that I get from my Canon P&S cameras.  How annoying is the AF assist lamp? Is it as bad as Nikons white AF assist lamp (I've only seen the D7000 AF assist lamp in videos but it looks crazy annoying)

13.  I've seen the flash on the K-01 billed as the brightest on any ILC. Is it really any good or should I plan on getting an external flash? Which flash would be good and still keep the size down to something reasonable?

Ref on the low/light high-ISO:
It's only a sample of one  but look at the shoreline buildings in the dcresource examples:
h ttp://

h ttp://

(URL is intentionally broken to prevent embedding. Also Jeff's test is a bit unfair, he shot the canon with a F4 lens wide open at F4 and the pentax with an F2.8 lens stopped down to F4.5 (from the exif data))

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