Your thoughts: Zeiss 135mm or 70-200mm f/4 + 28mm f/1.8?

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Re: Your thoughts: Zeiss 135mm or 70-200mm f/4 + 28mm f/1.8?

sfnikon wrote:

First I think it's very unlikely you will be able to fit the TC20 on the Zeiss 135/2. I'm not even certain you can fit it on the new 70-200/4 since the compatibility table does not include it.

We have yet to see how good the zeiss 135 will be but I think we're all hoping it'll be even better than the stunning 100/2 makro planar. I have the latter and I'm not using it much. I find I'm having trouble nailing perfect focus with MF when shooting people. It looks like it's in focus but when looked at 100% (D800e) most of the time I've missed it slightly. I would expect it'll be much easier in landscape on a tripod using liveview.

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Same here. What a pity the nice OVF system of the D800 does not provide for critical manual focusing reliability. I just love the Zeiss lenses and the manual focus process, but on the D800 it is really hard to consistently nail focus wide open.

Manual focus would be easier with EVF. Or a swivelling LCD.  I find it quite amusing that the only DSLR-class system with EVF (Sony SLT) is also the only one that does not accommodate those superb Zeiss MF lenses at all. You get Zeiss AF lenses there! As good as those might be, the experience is not the same...

anyway, that new 135mm ZF2 will be even harder to use reliably than the 100 on the D800.

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