E35 eye macro shots

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Re: Makeup

Hi Danny.

The makeup doesn't bother me. The colour and detail in the Iris is what is important to me.

I wasn't knocking the op's photos but I get fussy with my own. The eyes are a true challenge to get sharp. I would like to think focus peaking might help once you know what is sharp via magnified view. I used a tripod for the G7 photos but I gotta tell you it wasn't easy taking those photos. The reflections is what most cameras focus on and that is not the iris of the eye. I took a lot of photos only to find them less sharp that they looked on the LCD. Wanted to try again with the G9 but model wasn't around. I like the 35mm aspect and not the 28mm on the G10 and more recent G models from Canon. The 35mm magnifies the subject more than the 28mm. Or to put it another way, there is more of the subject on the sensor than when the wider angle is used.

Let us see what others can do with this subject.


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