Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

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Re: Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

Epic Light wrote:

This is not true. Just because you accept images from your collection of older and cheaper lenses does not make them optimum, Without question, A+ glass on this camera to do the sensor justice, otherwise what is the point of the camera?

The point being to make a world class hi resolution photograph with the D800e.  Like this one, taken with the 70-300VR:


Don't keep reading, tempting as that may be. Go back up and click on the link, download it and put up to 100% in your favorite viewer.  Amazing that such a cheap optic mounted on a D800e could so thoroughly outresolve any camera that came before, isn't it?  You could make a huge print from it, no question at all about that.

Now go to 400%.  See those little clearly defined stairsteps? Those are pixels.  The lens has done what it needed to do and is absolved from further participation in the detail gathering process. Need more resolution than you can get through a 70-300VR? Get a 50MP camera. A better lens may have slightly more contrast or fractionally sharper corners or more delightful bokeh, but the detail resolution is there in quantity.

Again, without question the d800 records far far more aberrations and imperfections from lenses than say a d700.

I'm not sure why you think I have an 85mm lens or any "older and cheaper" ones. It appears that you have mistaken me for a new guy.

Rent a 85/1.4g and tell me it does not simply destroy your 85/1.8d in an eye popping fashion on the d800.

You have made a number of such wild statements, and you are wrong no matter how times you repeat them. "Destroy," "eyepopping," come off the hyperbole.

I hereby challenge you or anyone else to put up  7360 x 4912 100% jpgs on the website of your choice of the same scene taken with two similar FL lenses to prove your point. I'm really not going to hold my breath on that one.

But of course that lens is not perfect either, and CA that was 2.5 pixels wide on the d700 are now 8 pixels wide on the d800. When sensitivity goes up, all performance factors are recorded accordingly. The d800 represents the breaking point for most lenses.

No, that would be at maybe 50 MP on FX.

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