Capture One vs. Lightroom

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Re: Capture One vs. Lightroom

I have just switched from Lightroom to Capture One Pro 7.


  • I hate the "import photos into catalog" thing with Lightroom.  I have zillions of photos on multiple drives, and I hate the need to "import" a folder to work on the photos within.  Capture One is much better, I can just open any folder (working with Sessions). 
  • I much prefer the C1 workflow.  I take many photos, and I archive a few jpeg of the good ones, after postprocessing.  I think it's a bad idea to archive the RAWs + edit info; who knows in 15 years if I will still have the software to process those old RAW files?  In C1, as soon as a photo is done, I press meta-D for "Process" and this puts a jpeg of the processed photo in the folder I define.  MUCH  better than the clumsy Lightroom export! 
  • I get better skin tones, and better tones by default, from C1. 
  • I find it much easier to compare multiple photos in C1.  The Lightroom implementation is clumsy, it's cumbersome to switch the photos I am comparing. 
  • I am liking the new Catalog of C1 quite a bit -- especially because I am not forced to use it for everything. 
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