How to check if your NEW Nikon DSLR is really BRAND NEW

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Re: How to check if your NEW Nikon DSLR is really BRAND NEW

> The shutter actuations (shutter clicks) of your FIRST picture taken with the camera must be showing as "1".

Dubious statement.

Equipment is QA'd during construction.  There's no reason to assume cameras should have zero actuations, and I'd be a bit worried if this were the case as it would indicate that even the most basic tests are not being done.

> First of all, you must format the memory card INSIDE your camera (using the camera's format function).

The shutter actuation count is NOT affected by the card's data.  It is an internal count the camera maintains.  That's the whole idea.  The card is immaterial.

And as you mention formatting :

There's no reason to do this on a normal card.  The format is standard and unless you previously formatted the card on a computer ( which you should not do ) there's no sensible reason to format it in the camera.  Some people use this to clear the card after use, but I personally don't - it makes no real difference.

I regularly use the same cards in different cameras.  The makers expect that and it should work perfectly.

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