Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

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For me, it was the glass

The better 4/3 ZD lenses have rendering qualities that I really like. Don't have a technical formula to explain it, I just like what those lenses can do. Have compared to C/N setups shooting the same subjects at the same time, and at least to me, the Oly shots looked a bit more 'alive', a bit more defined.

Outside of the 4/3 ZD lenses, some that have really impressed me are the Pentax DA Limited, and the fast primes for Fuji X. And Leica, of course, but for the price...

In the M43 world, the MZD 45 1.8 is pretty good, especially considering the price, and the 75 1.8 is a winner. I was about to buy one, when I came across a ZD 35-100 for not much more than the 75 1.8.

I have no aversion to Panasonic lenses... one of my favorite 4/3 lenses is the PL25 1.4, and it works very well on the EM5. A very special lens - when used where it's at its best, the results are absolutely sublime. Couldn't see selling it for a M43 version, that one loses a bit of IQ as compared to its big brother.

The couple of Leica devotees I know love their system for about the same reason - the lovely shots it can capture. The only difference between them and me is - they have a larger budget.

I don't see it as zealotry, just a fine appreciation of detail.

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