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Re: A couple of thoughts...

First Felix, this is why I very seldom post on these forums -- I was considering helping Stephan as I run one of the largest web sites in the southwest and a lot of it is about photography. Along with the other sites we have we do a lot of this type of thing. If my post bothered you, then I'd suggest you just ignore it.

Stephan, I was tying to help and photos on a white background usually look better with a 3 pixel black border -- like we use on our site. I understand your reasoning, but you'll certainly want to write up another camera, yes?  Get a move on. LOL   Sorry I interupted you all.  As for helping great idea, but I really think the main problem with people today that are learning photography -- it has nothing to do with the type of camera they have or use, it's their lack of understanding the basics of how they work. HERE is a perfect example and it's concerning this same camera  Good luck with your project. And yes it's hard to get the layout right with a PDF, easier in HTML format.  I won't bother you again.


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