Minolta 50mm Macro F3.5, different MD mount?? What adapter are you guys using?

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Really an issue of one adapter on the body vs. one adapter on the lens

KM Legacy wrote:

I've never seen a lens, including those by independent makers, which does not fit well to the body for which it was designed. Why should we accept poorer quality with adapters? An adapter is just as much a part of the optical alignment of the lens/camera unit as the lens mount itself.

Just to clarify, I don't think the slots are inferior. They require tighter manufacturing tolerances than springs and they actually allow adjustment of the clamping force and compensation for wear.

If you want to have one adapter per lens, I think the sub-$10 slotted adapters work great, and the tuning allowed by the slot permits a firmer seating than springs would provide. On the other hand, if you want one adapter per NEX body, springs would be the best compromise because they will at least loosely clamp any lens and repeated mount/unmount will cause less wear. This explains why native body mounts nearly always use springs; however, with adapters under $10, even buying one per lens is really painless.

I strongly suspect that the mounts for which we never see slotted flanges are cursed by major variations in the precise flange dimensions (insufficient specifications). After all, the really critical thing is the seating surface, not the flanges. Incidentally, I'd say any adapter that has flange seat issues or light leaks is seriously defective. Things like allowing focus slightly past infinity are arguably benefits -- some lenses shift their infinity focus significantly depending on ambient temperature, so allowing past infinity may be what it takes to reach infinity at some operating temperatures.

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