Sony A99 a dead end?

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Re: Sony A99 a dead end?

No reason to think Amount is a dead end in the short to medium term future.

Yes sometime in the near future the translucent mirror will no longer be needed as there will be no seperate focus module needed since focus signal will originate on sensor instead of in the focus module.

The thing is this will be the case with Canikon also and they won't abandon there mounts either.

The seperate focus module and flipping mirrors are a very old - though well perfected - technology but the writing is on the wall as to there future. Whether this transition happens over the next 2-3 or 4-5 years is an open discussion but it will happen for all camera makers. Again though this does not mean any of the major camera makers will abandon there lens mount system when this transition takes place - just that the mirrors and auto focus modules will be gone.

Eventually everyones lens mount system will be changed but no time in the near future will they stop supporting there existing mounts. Lenses are their main money maker - not camera sales - and they will noit abandon this to third party lens makers.

Probably 10 to 15 years in the future all the major mounts will be changed and everyones lenses will drop significantly in value as has happened with manual focus lenses in the past from the major camera makers.

Things are very slow moving in the lens mount business but eventually all things change and not just Sony/Minolta.

Don't worry - be happy. A99 and it's successor will still use Amount lens mount for some time. You would run into the same problem with Canikon in the future.

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