Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

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Re: The answer is........

tedolf wrote:

Oly owners gravitate to compact cameras with excellent for the $$ optics. Oly owners always thought themselves slightly more intellegent than say Nikon owners becuase the OM-1/2 was a better camera than the Nikon F1/2 at a lower price. Zuiko lenes were always good and cost less than the Nikon counterpart. Smaller and lighter too.

So Oly owners have a bit of an inferiority/superiority complex: they know that their's is the optimal system but can't figure out why everybody else doesn't recognize that as well.


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Exactly. I used to put cameras and lenses in a spreadsheet to decide which to buy, and without exception Nikon was largest, heaviest, and most expensive of any comparable system. It never even came in second heaviest or second most expensive, always most. However Olympus seemed to maximize the price/size, price/performance,and performance/size ratios of their system, without exception for at least two of those three in any given case (except some third party lenses for other systems).

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