This wacky country....

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Re: This wacky country....

PhD4 wrote:

After a nice, warm, lengthy Kiwi Christmas with the GFs... I come back to America to find:

Hillary Clinton was ill... no she fell... no she has a concussion... no we meant she has a blood clot... or whatever else it takes to keep her from testifying about her Benghazi failure, before John Kerry becomes Sec of State. Wait! Breaking News.... Hillary has entered a coma.

Obama got his tax hike on the rich (as if this is going to make a dent on the deficit), so that he can take credit for not raising taxes on the 98%.... (only to quietly raise the taxes on the 100% when Obamacare takes effect).

And you people still creating anti-gun and anti-Christian threads, and reminding us that blacks created slavery (duh).... right through the holidays as if you have no actual lives.

It's great to be home....

Yes Obama got his way on taxes and taxes are going up for everyone. Not just the "rich".

Anyone who doesn't know this has their head up their as$. All tax payers will pay a higher income tax.

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