The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

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Re: The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

Bernie Ess wrote:

Resolutn is 16MP, plain and silly. Fuji made lots of fancy marketing claims that it would rival FF cameras ( ok, but which ones? 12MP or 22?) because of it' s lack of an AA filter. In practice part of this advantege, or all of it, is eaten up by the strange demosaicing smearing and the water colour look.

Online examples suggest that it resolves about the same as the other cameras that use that Sony sensor base, like the Nex 5n and Nex-6. The Nex7 at 24 MP has better resolution, no wonder.

That said, I consider 16MP to be plenty, the Fuji's strength lies in it' colour rendition which isn' really neutral, more pictoral and very photogenic. Just for resolution, you should go for a used Nex-7.

Agreed.  Fujifilm's full frame claims are pure, 100% marketing snake oil.  The claims are not defined so cannot be testable.

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