Erasing images in SX230 HS

Started Jan 3, 2013 | Questions thread
Oly Canikon
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Re: Erasing images in SX230 HS

longarm wrote:

Hello all.

After taking a number of pics, say on a camping trip etc., and after downloading these pics to the home computer, I would then like to remove them ALL from the camera. It would appear as though the "Erase Image' function allows me to selectively remove only one pic at a time.

How can I delete ALL images from the SD card?

Thanks in advance.

If you erase from the function set button you can only do one at a time. If you are in the display mode press menu then scroll down to erase there is an option to erase a range or erase all.

If you have any protected images it will not erase them. This is an advantage over the format method.

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