Lens comparison Olympus XZ-1 v. Canon G15

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Re: Lens comparison Olympus XZ-1 v. Canon G15

sait wrote:

Hello Jim, thanks for your comments. We'll agree to disagree on merits of shooting JPEG v. RAW - the topic has been discussed thousands of times.

Fairly endlessly.

What you did show in my eyes was the XZ-2 having a better lens and the Canon having the better sensor, but exterior RAW processing may very well not smooth out some of the kinks and quirks of the camera that the JPG programmers have built into the camera's engine, so it's possible it's a tad unfair, but the post was another good endorsement of the XZ-1.

When I was fairly serious about buying a XZ-1 I ended up buying an E-PL1 due to price, it's not a decision I regret, I rate the E-PL1 ahead of the E-PL2 due to the weaker anti-aliasing filter but I'm always wondering if I should have opted for the XZ-1 at the time, my eyes think it's an exceptional compact.

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