Are Long-time Olympus users like Leica Zealots?

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The answer is........

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

Years ago I used Leica cameras for making photos and while I did I learned that about half of the people buying Leicas were more like followers of a religion than photographers. I don't personally understand it, but in many ways I can see where the craftsmanship of Leica cameras, particularly the older ones, does make them objects beyond their function.

But I'm starting to get the impression that there might be just the same level of zealotry for Olympus cameras with a certain segment. I've owned various Olympus cameras over the years (RC, Stylus Epic, E-10, and now EM5) but they've never struck me as things to love for their form or that inspire allegiance. But there are few few threads here now, and I've noticed them in the past where the posters are clearly not asking about M43 cameras or lenses, but about Olympus only.

Things like "which Zuiko lens to buy" As if there are no Panasonic lenses that are native to Olympus M43. Where which option to get is limited not by what is needed, but by what specifically Olympus offers. Or other comments to questions about the EM5 menu where the writer responds that Olympus menus have always worked this way as if the only people who might buy Olympus cameras were part of a club.

Is this just that some people don't realize the universal compatibility of M43 stuff? Is it a new thing fostered by the lovely retro look of the early Pens and now EM-5? Or, has there been this subculture of Olympuphiles for a long time and I've just swerved into their world by virtue of using M43?

Call me crazy. I happen to like photos of cats.


Being an Oly owner is a little bit like being a Leica owner in that both have maintained certian characteristics over the many years that are endearing to thier self selected owners.

Like Leica owners, most Oly owners remember their old Oly cameras with fondness.

Leica owners gravitate to the mechanical sublimeness of the camera's construction and attention to optical perfection.

Oly owners gravitate to compact cameras with excellent for the $$ optics. Oly owners always thought themselves slightly more intellegent than say Nikon owners becuase the OM-1/2 was a better camera than the Nikon F1/2 at a lower price. Zuiko lenes were always good and cost less than the Nikon counterpart. Smaller and lighter too.

The M. Zuiko 40-150mm is a good example. Optically very good and very inexpensive.

So Oly owners have a bit of an inferiority/superiority complex: they know that their's is the optimal system but can't figure out why everybody else doesn't recognize that as well.

Oly owners have been saying since the E-pl1 came out, "why can't Oly just make a digital version of the 35RC!", a rangefinder that was sold 50 years ago, just like Leica owners waited forever for their digital M4.

So, yes it is sort of a religion.


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