Panasonic says blurry images issue solved on Lumix GX1 with G X Vario PZ 14-42

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Have you done any testing with 14-42X?

Luego wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Luego wrote:

Consider yourself very lucky Kim. After trying two different GF3X cams with PZ from Best Buy and Future Shop, both copies produced blurry images due to shutter shock and I had no choice but to return them both.

Kim, did you try any sharpness comparison between the GF3X and the G5 using electronic shutter?

Not yet ... I have been remiss in my testing ... I want to try all three bodies on all my lenses, but that will take time I don't have right now. I just have not noticed a significant incidence of blurred images with the PZ lenses on the GF3 ... still, I do prefer the G5 so maybe I have not managed to hit the right circumstances often enough.

FYI, I mentioned my findings to the Panasonic Reps last weekend at the Exposure Show here in Ottawa and they denied having any knowledge of it.

There's a shock

Good one...;>)

It just occured to me that your style of shooting is RAW only. Perhaps it is the reason you have not noticed any significant incidence of blurred images.

Anyway, let me know whenever you will find time to test the GF3 kit, perhaps I can add some info from my findings.



Kim, I'm still interested in the GF3X kit (open box Can$279.00).

Did you have a chance to do any tests yet?


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