I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: I looked through an optical viewfinder

WaltKnapp wrote:
And for me the EVF feels ineffective with anything that moves, which is a lot of my shooting. Feels like a P&S that can't keep up. OVF, on the other hand does keep up exactly with what I'm photographing, a critical and necessary value in a viewfinder.
Enjoy your static shooting
As far as exposure, color balance and so on I don't need a viewfinder to find out if I set the camera correctly. Experience counts a lot.

So, just because YOU can't take pics of moving objects with an EVF, nobody else can either? I love my A77 and A99 and all the features of EVF. I've done some BIF with limited results, but mainly because I've only gone out once twice; autosports (moving cars) and most of all, my kids (moving human beings). Taking pics of kids running around a park is hardly 'static shooting' and the EVF on both of my cameras works just fine and in no way limits my photography.

Walt, while I have no arguments that you have experience with cameras, or that you are entitled to your opinion and often learn from some of what you have to say, it's the comments like these (in bold) that offend me (and others) because they come across as arrogant and pompous and that you think you are better than the rest of us because you use an OVF. It's not difficult to be tactful in criticism of a product and even people or their opinions when so desired, but the comment 'Enjoy your static shooting' simply because YOU don't enjoy shooting 'anything that moves' with an EVF lacks all kinds of tact and really turns people off to listening to anything you have to say. Are you are telling the OP that he/she is only going to be able to take landscape and still photography? Is that why you said it? Because to me, that is certainly what it sounds like.

The second comment in bold up there...well, I guess that we all can't be quite as awesome.

You should have stopped with the first part of your reply and left it at that. You would have come off much better and also, people really won't mind that and would be more likely to see your point.

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