Auto lighting optimiser and highlight tone priority

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Re: Auto lighting optimiser and highlight tone priority

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

It's worse than that. ALO does nothing to the RAW but influences the way the camera meters to a small degree. HTP on the other hand is a major change in the way the amplifiers on the sensor are operated (bright areas are less amplified by one full stop) - and it's one that LR can't properly handle.

Karl, I have one question for you.   Are you sure LR can't handle RAW files encoded with the flag for HTP?

I've heard this statement many times, and I always took it as gospel.  But I have some spare time this morning, so I just tried loading an HTP RAW file into LR.  To be honest, this is purely academic for me, and it's the first time I enabled HTP since I bought my 7D three years ago and decided I had to play with every feature

But anyway, to me it looks like LR is handling it perfectly.  Am I missing something, or is it possible Adobe enhanced LR to handle HTP, without announcing it?

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