Guide to setting up the Panasonic Lumix G5 Camera

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Re: Could you clarify that please Trevor

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

AlexF1 wrote:

Hi Trevor, I am unable to get my G5 to work as you described - I can only get Ex Tele to work if it is enabled in Movie menu and the lever is assigned to zoom. Can you describe how you got your to work via picture mode?

Thanks, Alex

I just followed the instructions in the manual. page 80. It quite clearly gives different methods for stills and movies. I folowed the stills instructions which does not involve the ex tele conv setting in the menu. I tried stills with that setting and it has no impact at all.


Trevor, is this significant for explaining the puzzle? This quote from page 81 seems to suggest that Ex Tele works for stills only when using Power Zoom lenses (with zoom levers).

"When using the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042) having a zoom lever (Optical Zoom and Extra Tele Conversion for still picture recording are operable) (my italics)

When using the interchangeable lens (H-FS014042, H-FS45150) having a zoom ring (Optical Zoom is operable)"

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