Upgrade plan: what lenses for 5D3?

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Re: Upgrade plan: what lenses for 5D3?

dave_bass5 wrote:

I too made the transition from crop to FF last year and had to find a new general zoom as i only had a 15-85IS.

I first went with the 24-105 and this of course works fine, but then i, through a friend who had just brought the same kit, discovered the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 Di VC. After getting one i soon realised that i'd never need to use 24-105 again.

The 15-85 I bought with the camera has been a very good general purpose lens for me. I spent a lot of time considering what to buy when I got the camera and I remember someone writing that "sooner or later you will want to get the 17-55 2.8 anyway". I still chose the 15-85 for its reach and generally good reviews, but if I should buy a crop zoom today I would have gone for the 17-55. That's why I'm thinking now that I should pick the 24-70 2.8 for FF ahead of the 24-105.

Ive never used a Canon 24-70 but by all accounts the Tamron is pretty close, if not above the MKI version, plus it's stabilised so in my book that puts it above the MKII for getting low light hand held shots (which i do a lot).

Its also a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper. Worth looking in to IMO.

Ive read its not ideal for landscapes though, diffraction seems to start pretty early on, around f/11 i believe. That could be a downside but ive not found it to be a problem, and especially compared to how well it preforms in other areas so im happy that its here where its at its weakest as i dont tend to shoot landscapes that much.

Hmmm, I do and would therefore want a lens to give me sharp images at small apertures as well.  Otherwise that would have been a great alternative.

My main lens seems to be my 100 f/2 USM at the moment, thats been a real eye opener as its small, light very sharp, even wide open and just perfect for me as a every day lens. since getting a FF camera ive actually been a lot more interested in primes than i have zooms, although so far ive not bene tempted by any of the big L primes.

I too had the non L 70-300 and never really liked it over 220mm. my 70-200 f/4 IS is way better and well worth the money IMO.

The 100 f2 sounds very interesting, and like you I feel pulled towards shooting more with primes lately. Thanks for your time and great input, Dave. Much appreciated.

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