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Re:The result: How did the X10 perform on our trip?

raymondg wrote:

Well after 45 days overseas here is the real life result of the X10. The camera was purchased for my wife who had not used a camera before.

1. Battery Life - was not an issue. I purchased a spare battery but only needed to change it twice in the field. She took 200+ photos a day with no problems. We checked the battery and recharged over night - just as I do for my D700/D800

2. White Orbs - Not an issue. Some may have shown up in a few shots but insignificant.

3. Handling - a few quirks such as inadvertently selecting Macro or Multi shot but all in all not an issue. My wife quickly got used to it and was left to her own devices while I shot my D700

4. Was my wife happy? Heck yes. Initially she questioned why I would buy her such a 'sophisticated' camera for her 'happy snaps' but was quickly enamoured by it. She ended up taking several thousand shots and the results were outstanding. Even though she used Auto mainly the picture quality (sharpness, colour and dynamic range) and exposure were excellent. She got used to using the +/- EV to fine tune pics. Even in low light her results were quite good.

All in all it was a very good experience for her and it is now a constant companion for her social activities. I have loaded her pics on my network drive and she views them on her iPad. She is one happy snapper!

My own opinion of it was that I would happily leave my Nikon DSLRs behind and just use the X10 if I wanted to travel really light. All her shots were JPEGs but I would prefer to shoot RAW.

Overall, we are really happy with the X10.


Warmest Regards - Ray

Thanks for bothering to come back and post

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