Using Filters with Micro lens

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Re: Using Filters with Micro lens

John_Mtl wrote:

When photographing object, flowers or insect using a micro lens such as the Nikon 105mm F2.8G, are any kind of filters suggested or recommended?

Close-up filters, diopters, which allow a lens to focus closer are the main filter used with macro photography. Some other filters can be used, but they are not used much with close-up photography.

These include polarizers which are useful for eliminating reflections and are about the only conventional filter I carry, apart from protective and close-up filters. There is also a more complex method called cross polarization. See the article linked to below.

Opinions vary on whether it's best or necessary to use a protection filter such as a UV or Sklight filter on lenses on digital cameras. Personally it depends on how vulnerable the front element of the lens is. If it is a large front element close to the end of the lens I tend to leave a protection filter on. Although I don't always bother with macro lenses that are more deeply recessed and have less vulnerable lens elements.

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