My D40 or back to film?

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Re: My D40 or back to film?

As you know, the D40 looses metering with manual glass, however you'd be surprised to find out just how easy one gets used to metering a scene just by looking at it. I use the D40 with a bunch of manual Nikkor glass and it took me a second try, when I was starting out, in order to get the right metering. I just checked the shot scene on the LCD and then adjusted the camera/lens and it would be fine a second time. The thing one looses are those big viewfinders of the 35mm cameras; compared to a FM2 or even FG vf, the D40's vf is small and dark. However, one kind of gets away with using the green dot for focusing although it takes some practice.

I think the way to go is definitely mirrorless, if you want to use old manual glass. The bigger the sensor the better. Just try it out with a cheap NEX and get the feel of it. The focus is pretty easy too as you have two ways of focusing the lens: magnifying it up to 2x or using peaking mode, technology taken from video cameras that really works once you get the hang of it.

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