Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

how can a person expect to get any straight answers about some of the cameras used without msileading biased remarks?

Like What is the point of this sales post? This seems a little on adollesent side, are there any proffesionals in here or is this just a select group of sales people from olympus?

looking at  the top selling mirrorless cameras online global sales like top selling mirrorless cameras at amazon and Oly is no where near the top: 1 Pentax, 2 Nex 3,4,5 Lumix, 6 Nikon, 78 Nex, 9 Nikon, 10 Fuji (as of today)

By the logic presented here does that mean I shouldn't buy a Oly 4/3?

I want to ask some specific things about firmware and IQ with large print sizes and foccusing but it makes you wonder if this is unbias user info from former P&S users or what?



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