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Re: Exposure Compensation

Limburger wrote:

But the fact that Canon doesn't allow EC in manual is wrong I today just did that.

Limburger, could you please tell us what buttons you are pushing to achieve this? This is fascinating. Also, it would be great if you could take a photo in this mode, and then post a screenshot of the image review screen with the "info" button used to show the mode with detailed shooting parameters and the histogram. As you know, the exposure compensation is displayed at the top of the screen, after a "+/-" icon just to the right of the aperture setting. And right below the review image, it shows the shooting mode. I would love to see the record of "M" mode together with an EC setting on your camera.


P.S.  I am not sure why you posted the picture of your camera's top LCD panel.  Was that supposed to be proof of EC?  It shows no marking on the scale from -3 to +3.  It's blank!   Please tell me you weren't mistaking that black icon with a thunderbolt and +/-  for exposure compensation.  That is the FLASH exposure compensation icon (FEC).  A totally different feature!

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