Battery drain with D800?

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Re: Battery drain with D800?


I am also having battery draining problem just as you have described. Mine started when I got it back from Nikon repair (the back LCD screen was going blank intermittently). Below is my letter to Nikon for your info;

TO: Nikon Service

Subject: Third Problem in two months with D800 , Previous repair Orders #6022371 and  # 6038984

Nikon Service,

I am sending you back the D800 that was sent in for repair on 12/13/12 (or. # 6022371) because there is a new problem with the electric power system.


  • The camera completely drains the power out of the battery with no use and the camera turned off within 24 to 30 hours.
  • The result is that the top LCD screen is completely blank and the camera will not function at all.
  • When I install a new fully charged battery the top LCD screen works as it should, the battery indicator shows full charge and the camera functions normally.
  • Checking the camera after 12 hours and the battery indicator shows battery charge down to half +-.
  • After another 12 to 16 hours the battery is completely drained with NO power left and the camera will not function.

Things I’ve tried to overcome problem:

  • Tried 3 fully charged Nikon EN-EL15 fully charged batteries over four days with the same outcome.
  • Tested all three batteries in my D7000 and all worked correctly and kept charge


I have totally lost confidence in this camera, I believe it is going to be a problem as long as I own it. I have bought only Nikon camera’s (9) for the last 36 years because of there dependability and good service. This D800 has been a huge disappointment and is clearly not going to be a dependable camera. The majority of my work is landscape photography in remote locations in which I hike/backpack in over many miles and can not afford to carry 2 camera’s just because I can not trust my one $3,000. camera. Therefore, I am requesting that you replace this camera with a brand new D800 rather than patching up this one.

Thanks you,

Chris Beach

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