What is the best way to clean lens glass?

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Re: No one has mentioned the reasons you clean a lens with a certain technique!

JGRJR wrote:

If you look at dust under a microscope many of the particles of dust are abrasive minerals. The last thing you want to do with any optic is dry clean it because of the abrasive nature of dust.

I will post the link someone else did above.This describes a very good cleaning procedure.



Clean Brush

A few drops of approved cleaning fluid. The fluid helps "float" the remaining dust away.

Then using a very light circular motion clean the lens with a high quality clean lens wipe or cloth.

Some one mentioned no Kleenex. That is more then correct. Any cloth that is not specifically made for lens cleaning can be a problem. Any recycled content in a cloth can introduce abrasive particles in the paper. This is like micro sanding the lens element.

Also not all lens cleaning fluid is approved for all coatings. Some coatings on older lenses for example can be damaged by some fluids.

Here is what I use in the following order:

-Rocket blower to blown off particles and dust

- the brush of the lens pen ( I use it only for lenses nothing else)

- Eclipse fluid with lint free peck pad to remove finger prints, oil residue etc.

- and finish off with micro fiber cloth.

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