Nikon and Leica at a wedding

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Re: Nikon and Leica at a wedding

The choice of camera has little to do with the end result, the quality of the lens certainly does have an impact.

The choice of camera does effect the ergonomics of the photographers use of the camera and that does make a difference to whether you capture the shot or not. I am using a D800, D200 and a Leica M9 for weddings, the D800 is quick and easy to use, the M9 is pleasant to use but requires more input from the photographer, each has its place in my wedding workflow.

I have taken many successful images on the D200 and the bride would never know the difference even with large prints but the D800  is easier to use by far and the low light performance of the D800 is easily three stops better than the D200 but that's progress but when I first bought the D200 it was sufficient with a fast lens, I am sure a D600 would be just fine, but we all tend to overstate the importance of the gear and the technical aspects, the bride simply   wants great pictures of their day , and has no interest in the technical merits of cameras, with good reason.

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