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Pete Berry wrote:

Shirozina wrote:

Just noticed how much better the LVF2 on my GX1 is compared to my GH3. I'm not refering the 'smearing hysteria' but just the general size an clarity. I had assumed Panasonic would simply put the LVF2 internals into the GH3 but it seems not so.

Does the 4/3 image fill the whole EVF frame as it does in the GH1&2, or is it a crop of the16:9 frame as in the GH3? The much smaller 4/3 image in my GH3 relative to prior GH bodies was the first thing that struck me negatively. And also less sharp to my eyes despite endless diopter fiddling.

Others (Mr. alphabet soup, to be specific), claim that the difference is only the 11% smaller overall frame in the GH3 - which I attribute to the absence of the multi-aspect sensor. But the math is crystal clear here: a 4/3 crop from a 16/9 frame is precisely 25% smaller in each dimension than a 4/3 image with the same width as a 16/9. Add in the 11% smaller overall EVF magnification factor size and you've got a 36% smaller image.

What the heck were Panny designers thinking here?? Since the finder view height is limited to the 16/9's 25% reduced height relative to the 4/3's, this would seem to be beyond a firmware fix.


Ah yes - the LVF2 is native 4/3 while the GH3 LVF is native 16:9. The external display is native 3:2.

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