Who here uses a monopod?

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Re: Who here uses a monopod?

I have used a tripod for decades, several years ago I added a monopod (Manfrotto 680) to my kit, my Markins ballhead was a pleasure to use on both. I started to favor the monopod but found the need for it to 'stand by itself'. In the Manfrotto catalog I found the screw in tripod leg assembly. This accessory permits the monopod to be self supporting--with much caution!  Seriously, I  use this setup with my Sigma 150-500 for wildlife and panos. It is a pleasure to relieve your arms for a few moments, I do keep one hand on it cautiously but since the weight load is completely supported by 'pod' the burden is moved from my arms. Knowing that I can let go when I want is a big plus. For those hiking this is a very big plus--no need to search for a 'safe' spot to lean or lay down the camera-lens-pod. For birders with a carbon fiber monopod, this setup allows you to lift everything up and track a BIF--I can do this withthe  680 only because my arms are not and stronger!!!

good luck  irv weiner

ps: the 'tripod legs' screw into the body when not needed thus are always with you.

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