Sandbaggers again?

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El Crapio
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Re: Sandbaggers again?

Harveydad wrote:

I keep asking over and over again for DP Review to eliminate the voting and let the challenge host decide which photo best meets his or her rules. It would save a lot of time and complaining and hard feelings.

This would definitely not save complaining nor hard feelings.

Not unless the judges were experts, and more than one. And still there would be whining...

I think challenges are what they are... Photography on the internet is really saturated. Lots of good photographers, lots of bad, and even more mediocre ones, and in the end social networking is what makes the difference. I don't see how dpreview could escape this. There are things that can be done to improve challenges, but then cheating will take a more subtle form. Cheaters adapt...

So, my advice; shoot for yourself, and enjoy yourself. Enter a challenge? Don't expect much... just get the feedback, ignore the sandbagging - when its obvious - and go on.

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