Anyone own BOTH an X100 and X-E1?? Which do/did you prefer???

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Re: Anyone own BOTH an X100 and X-E1?? Which do/did you prefer???

Well I just sold my X100.. and i have the feeling everybody does from X100 something which is not.. I mean its a very good camera. but it has so much imperfections...

1. its lens is very sharp even wide open. but its not sharp for close up pics. less than 1m on f2 is a bit soft- so problem is how to make some bokeh shots if its soft when bokeh appears. But its not such a big problem- just take it on your mind while deccision.

2. you have to always turn on and off macro mode. I know theres manual focus mode where you can use AFL/AEL button - but its slow for normal pics and faster for macro than macro mode. So you have to use normal single shot mode and than turn on macro.. because I hate situations when X100 cand focus because of the subject is so close

3. manual focus is bad. but AF is very good when not using macro. manual focus is pain to use- because it has some kind of strange clicking noise while turning macro ring... and it takes about 10 turns from macro to infinity. so forget to use manual focus..

4. menu button is small and if you have large hands you cant mostly use it

... and thats all.. you have to take on your mind these "problems".. other than that its very good cam. it has amazing jpg. great RAW. sharp lens - its lens for landscapes and street photography (its not for portraits).. OVF/EVF is great!.. I found myself I use EVF mnuch often because of accurate FOV..

... its build quality is amazing. so try it by yourself in your shop

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