Canon S5 IS + Bowens Gemini strobe synching problems

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Re: Canon S5 IS + Bowens Gemini strobe synching problems

ScratchDisk wrote:

+1 to the pc cable & its connections being the weakest link in your chain - by far.

All recent Canon DSLRs are OK to 250V - the early DSLRs were not. But Canon non-DSLRs may be more variable - it would be best to hear from Canon direct on that.

Mpex or Flashzebra do their 'Universal translator' which would allow the use of a Mono Mini-phone 3.5 mm cable (bi-plug) - may need a good quality Mono size adaptor to 1/4" for the Bowens unit.

Hi Scratchdisk,

I thought for sure folks would say the camera + studio strobe was the problem. I purchased the radio trigger, hoping my syncing problems would go away by eliminating the weak link of the sync cord. I have read that sync cords are prone to problems. BNH photo told me that the "signal" or voltage coming out of the point and shoot to trigger the strobe may not be enough, the right frequency, or something more technical than I understood, but they did say that only Canon would know that, and it was beyond the technical expertise of BNH salespeople. BNH and I also discussed upgrading to a DSLR with PC sync port.....I asked the salesman, "Well, if I upgrade, can a low misfire rate be guaranteed with a DSLR that has a PC sync port + sync cord + Bowen Gemini"? He stated only Canon flashes would be guaranteed by Canon.  This makes me wonder if there is some specific type of "signal" that these cameras deliver to a studio strobe or flash that is proprietary or something that makes non-Canon equipment fail?  That could be a hogwash thought....I don't know.  Currently, I do not know about the Mpex or Flashzebra universal translators, nor mono miniphone 3.5 biplug or adapter, but appreciate that info and will look into this too! Thank you!

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