Nex F3 vs 5N

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Re: Nex F3 vs 5N

F3 vs 5N, key differences:

  • Integrated flash - F3 has it, 5N requires occupancy of the lone Smart Accessory terminal, meaning you can't use the add-on EVF and add-on flash at the same time.
  • Touchscreen - 5n has it, good for touch-focus selction, not any more useful for menu navigation.
  • IR remote capability - a remote is considerably more convenient for getting yourself in a group shot, although you can work around it using shutter delay or face-registration and smile-detection shutter.  It is also useful for tripodded maximal-quality shots, although you can also work around that using a shutter delay.  What can't be worked around is maximal-quality shots in Bulb mode.  Without a remote, you still have to touch the camera (potentially introducing movement) to close the shutter.
  • ISO100 & ISO25600 - F3 has the range of ISO200-ISO16000, 5N has the additional ISO100 and ISO25600 available to it.  Whereas I had somewhat downplayed the ISO capability differences at both ends of the range, I recently realized that the difference between the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of an APS-C sensor at a given depth-of-field (DoF) and the SNR of a full-frame sensor (obviously further stopped-down to match DoF) is about 1.3 stops.  Meaning that a theoretical (doesn't exist AFAIK) native ISO50-capable APS-C sensor is most of the way there to matching the SNR of a FF sensor at ISO100.  So the difference between minimum ISO100 vs. ISO200 is not a trivial one if you are interested in maximal photo quality.  ISO25600 is kind of useless, though.
  • Body material - F3 shares the polycarbonate body material of the 6, while the 5N (and 5R) shares the alloy body material of the 7, and probably the 7 successor.  I don't know if the alloy aids in heat dissipation.
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