D600 vs. D800... which one is the most balanced camera?

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Let's get back to which is the more "balanced" camera for users.

BjarneChr wrote:

I have no problem using my 70-200mm 2.8VRII on it, the plastic does not flex. Nor does it when mounting the Sigma 150-500mm, so I doubt it will be an issue. I haven't heard of a D7000 where the plastic mount has failed, so I don't think this should be an issue at all. But nevertheless I always support my lenses when shooting, it gives the best comfort anyways. Should it crack, which i doubt, i would recon a fair priced repair.

D600 is polycarbonate with top and rear enhanced by magnesium alloy and a metal mount bolted on the polycarbonate... Although this shouldn't be as sturdy as D800 which is full metal, it's a very durable approach... polycarbonate has many industrial applications when it comes to strength, racing helmets are made out of it....

When I decided between the D600 and the D800 i made a pro/con list for each camera and rated them from 0 to 5 (0=Non importance, 1= nice,5=need). I came up with a list where the only critical issue was the missing 100% zoom on the ok button in preview mode. All other features was none important or nice to have. Then I decided that it couldn't justify the extra price .... but thats based on my oppinion and needs.

I believe that is the correct approach for a good choice... If everyone would do that, we would have reasoning backing up what a "balanced" camera is for every individual...

Now having used it for a couple of weeks i am pretty sure i made the correct choice, IQ is stunning and it handles very well. I can't think of a situation it can't photograph, but maybe in some situations there is a more convenient way to do it with the D800. I am pretty sure that whats limiting the D600 is actually the person behind it, or if paired with cheap low class lenses. Having said that the D800 is also a very very impressive camera, but i still can't justify cashing out the price difference between the two.


It all comes down to your usage pattern and personal preferences. Either camera delivers in terms of image quality!

....with insignificant to consider image differences between the two... even when it comes to visible resolution of prints at the same size.



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