E-P3 vs E-pm5, pro photog buying a gift

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Re: E-P3 vs E-pm5, pro photog buying a gift

Thanks Dan, as much as I'd love to give him an OMD it's just not happening, if he decides to sell whatever I get him later as he learns for an OMD I'll be quite happy for him, but a 1k camera before lenses is pushing what I'm willing to spend on a "beater" camera (young guy on a road trip, I expect it to be heavily abused). Enough people have commented on how much better the sensor is I think I'll have to bow to image quality over price and extra controls. I looked for youtube vids of that touch to focus/shoot function, I can see that being useful for tricky focusing by an amateur, so another for the epl5. I'm thinking I'll get the kit and see what I can sell the kit lens for, get the panny 20mm, it's as close to my x100 as I can get. I know most people prefer zooms, and if he hadn't borrowed my fuji x100 and loved it so many times I'd probably stick with zooms, but I know for sure he actually likes something around 35mm equiv and would prefer the whole thing be as thin as possible.

So thanks everyone, I had expected the e-p3 being a higher slotted camera to come out with some advantages, but from what I can see here it doesn't have anything left against the newest model a step down. A young grad will get an e-pl5 soon.

-jimoyer: thanks about the build quality part, I had been worried, after reading what you said I looked further into specs to see under the plastic grip it's actually metal, very much surprised me since the last time I saw an e-pl it was the first version, which was very plasticy. Also thanks about the cards, he'll probably be getting a 128gb so based on your numbers I'll assume it'll last (thinking I'll set it up for raw+ a medium or small size jpeg in fine, so the "facebook content" images are small and ready, and the RAWs are always available). Finally, he actually had requested something long for wildlife and such, a big part of the trip will be northern canada/the rockies/newfoundland, areas with high amounts of wildlife, so good to know the 40-150mm will be able to hit a 600mm equiv with that 2x digi-teleconverter (something I can't see myself trusting... but it's probably more than good enough for him I guess). I am sure on no mid range zooms, he'd rather tiny, I'd give him my x100 but the "grab and shoot" level of the AF is a joke. Also I didn't mention before, he's actually quite good with RAWs in lightroom, our father travels a lot and shoots raw but can't process (or use a computer) if he had to, so my little brother has been using it since he had a pentax k10 years ago.

-Brent: Sorry, he's not getting an omd, I adore it from everything I've seen and the few times I've played with them, but end of the day with proper lenses it's just too much money for a beater cam, especially with the 12mm, agreed an excellent combo, but far too much for him, at least gift budget wise.

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